Following Your Gut


There is a voice within us that is hard to ignore and it’s not the one in your head. It’s an inner voice that sometimes appears as a niggle in your spine, a funny feeling in your neck or a tightening in your stomach.

It’s a feeling, if we chose to listen to it, that guides us when our heads are swarming with a thousand thoughts and we fear there is no way out from the cyclone of our head. Some call it our intuition, others call it their gut feeling, or simply their inner voice or instinct, but whatever you call it, listing to it can lead us to our true self.




In day-to-day life we don’t often take too much notice of our gut feeling because we are so comfortable just going along with what “feels right” that we don’t stop to question whether we are following our gut and being true to ourselves. Most of the time making the choice to follow your gut is simple, but every now and again we reach a fork in the road and choosing to follow your gut can be one of the hardest decisions of your life. But as hard as the decision may be, not following your gut and being true to yourself is much harder.


When we follow our gut the clouds of the cyclone in your head begin to part and the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter and although it might not happen straight away, everything will eventually begin to fall into place. By following our instinct, our inner voice, our intuition we are rewarded with a life that is truly ours.


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