Change is in the Air


Ah, you can feel the warmth in the air as we bring in the change of seasons and welcome spring. A truly beautiful time of year as we shed our winter woollies and enjoy all the benefits that warmer weather brings….the beach, bbq’s, swimming, the great outdoors and the promise of longer days stretching out ahead of us.

A good change wouldn’t you agree? Change. Just one small simple word isn’t it. But one that can evoke such powerful feelings.

Most human beings (me included) are creatures of habit. I know I find comfort in routine, doing the same thing. It’s safe and predictable. I love that old saying…


Why do so many people resist change? Because a lot of the time change is scary so we create excuses and carry beliefs that resist change. You might tell yourself – the time isn’t right or it’s too much work. Don’t let that voice inside your head hold you back from making the changes you need to find happiness/fitness/a more rewarding job or whatever it is that your heart desires.

Sure change is challenging. It’s hard work. It feels uncomfortable. But start small if need be with just one small change a day. Try a new recipe, go to a new fitness class or something as simple as making sure you say I love you every day to those nearest and dearest to you or make a promise to yourself not to complain for the entire day.

Small positive changes help to rewire our brain and see our world in a brand new positive light and find gratitude in life’s smallest pleasures. Try journaling each day about your experiences and how you feel. The more we can embrace change, the more happiness will flow and so will our confidence to be open to bigger changes.

And remember to affirm every day







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