3 Types of Meditation We Love


Meditation is an integral part of achieving health and wellness and is used by many to improve focus, reduce anxiety and depression, as a religious practice or simply to relax. We use meditation for the benefits it provides us in day-to-day life and so we though we would share with you three types of meditation we love!

Meditones by Sonesence

Without a doubt my favourite way to meditate! As a creative I find it incredibly hard to switch off but Meditones allows me to! Explained perfectly by Tahlee, creator of Sonesence, “Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Science boffins call them ‘binaural beats’.”

We recommend Sonesence

Guided Meditation

As the name suggests, a guided meditation will walk you through the proper technique by telling you what to focus on and where to direct your attention. Guided meditations are perfect for people who have never meditated before, struggle to attain a meditative state or simply just like hearing a guiding voice during their meditation. In our busy lives, Kathy and I both find it immensely helpful to have that guiding voice in our ear so we can reap the full benefits of our meditation. Our favourite guided meditations are affirmation, body scan and guided imagery meditations, but there are many more available!

We recommend Kristin Neff’s Guided Meditations

Adult Colouring

Colouring is certainly all the rage right now, among adults that is, and although colouring may bring back childhood memories of kindergarten, the meditative benefits and therapeutic properties of colouring are why people are falling in love with this past time all over again! This relaxation technique will have you focusing on what you’re colouring and allow your subconscious to simply let go, get creative juices flowing and just be present in the moment!

We recommend 111 Mandala Meditation Magick Colouring E-Book by The Fifth Element Life



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